*”natura” {“nature”) is “natus,” from “nasci” (“to be born”).[1]


Docente catedrático en la Universidad del Tolima, en las facultades de Ciencias Humanas-Artes y Tecnología. Soy un Francés Parisino establecido en Ibague, Tolima Colombia, desde 2008.

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El presente Blog tiene por objetivo principal ser un lugar de opinión, informaciones y de soporte pedagógico. Mi intención también es de comunicar compartir y discutir de referencias CULTURALES , VISUALES, TEÓRICAS. Crear un enlace y contacto permanente con los estudiantes, para comunicar  informaciones relativa a mis clases de:


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Sebastio Salgado, Brasil, 1990, Campesinos SIN TIERRA ocupando una Hacienda.





Now in 2009; After an extremely, insanely, EPISODES OF MADNESS VIOLENCE in the XX century. It’s seem to be evident that Times to evoluting   is come,  to be an : Harmonious Humanity Respectfull of the Human Rights and relationship with Nature*.

. The work’s of MEMORY is necessary and the internet allow us to share informations (video, audio, text, images, books, rich media, etc…). Those materials have to be: Watched, Anlysed, Discussed and Debated. This processus will help us to find and build a better futur a way to living together. For sure it will be rough negociations. But there is no others choices! Climats and environemental disorders it’s seem that will be going evoluting to more frequents and increasing in intensity in a close futur. World Ecomics disordear it’s seem that to will be appear with decresasing of the production of PETROL OIL (Oil depletion). PETROL is a limited fossil combustible  decreasing production  will be profundly affected Human activities. Untill there’s not a sufficiently productive of energy supply, that is no stress atmosphere component, there is a latent crisis situacion. BIODIESEL have catastrofic consequencies on the the fertility of the soil, it’s a solution to avoid absolutly; Because each squre meter used to produce OIL COMBUSTIBLE, not serve for producing FOOD !!! BIO DIESEL = BAD ARGUMENT; So on,  NUCLEAR NERGY is an alternative that producing long period poisonous RADIOACTIVE  garbage. NUCLEAR GARBAGE are Uranium fission subproduct that are actualy hard to deal with. Also alls subproducts of  the Nuclear Industry (millions of tons!)  will be a problematic legacy for at least a million of years!!! To avoid a GLOBAL CRITICAL ECONOMIC CRISIS;  It’s time and urgent to reacting strongly but pacificly with WISNESS and  CALM. Pations, Ultra Orthodxy will not help. It’s not to latet. IT’S TIME TO ACTING UP FOR EARTH, MAKING A RESPECTFULL ECONOMIC SYSTEM. If we don’t want that the name of the “game” LIVING goes by the name of HARD SURVEY.

Reflections and actions about the mondial economic system situation, begining to be  urgent. Because, in facts the actual  “global” economic system is responsible for a large part of the environmental surexploitation and devastating state. It have have consequencies that are destroying : Primar forest, contaminating our citys, our atmosphere, rivers and oceans, hazardous corporate experiment with DNA! LIFE is not a game that we can play with and stop at anytime if  it going in the inadequate issues. We cannot play at the apprentices sorcerer. CAPITALISTIC cosumption way of life affecting deeply the Eco-system. We are part of it. Our Planet Earth is a Biosphere, it’s a high complexity system that we absolutly not dominating (a very weird idea!!!)  EARTH BIOSPHERE is a system that SCIENCE shortly begining to explore. SCIENCE and some SCIENTISTS know a just a bit about it. The complexity of the system surrounding from far SCIENCE actual knowledges. If we look with accuracy at the knowledge about LIFE and ORIGINE OF LIFE, we just know that we don’t know. The only thing SCIENCE knows that it is a bio-system that HUMANITY interact with; That is a VITAL system. BIOSPHERE have a huge inerty, long period respons. Disturbing it atmosphere is very perilous ans uncertain reaction can occur. It could affecting Human societies hardly. I hope it will not and everything goes well. I  have a family and i want for my childs a long pleasant and happy life with a lot of childrens… But If we don’t care and thing’s goes into  the WRONG direction! We have only one planet, there will not have safe places that will not be affected. Living in a shelter not sound good. RICH or POOR , BLACK, WHITE, RED, YELLOW, GREEN peoples,  no one will escape!

So Clearly it’s times to change the rules at : personal and international level; If we don’t want to not compromising  futur generations. Planet Earth is our VITAL HOME, we only have one! It’s impossible to go at SuperMega Market buy another one ! Planet Earth is our substance, we are made of her. Planet earth is a part of ourselves, it’s the Responsability of each one to take care protect and respect her. Respecting Nature cannot be done without respecting and protecting the Humans Rights and Animals Rights.

Hope you will enjoy this PLAYLIST of contents, you will find them helpfull and pertinent.

Have a goooooooooooooooooood day

Que Tiene Buenoooooooooooooooos dia

En vous souhaitant une Boooooooooooooooooonne journée.

Armor Le Bihan 2009

PS:  I am not an english neither spanish native; I do my best to publicating contents in a : pleasant and polits easy reading form . But as i am just an human, errors will occurs. Forgiving me and please help me to corrects them by comments or email.


*”natura” {“nature”) is “natus,” from “nasci” (“to be born”).[1]




  1. Je trouve ton texte excellent. Je suis en train de corriger sur Works. Je crois savoir comment te l’envoyer. pour le moment, j’ai fait je ne sais quelle manip et mon texte a disparu. A plus


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